Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
(BSc in IT)

Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc in IT), is a bachelor's degree awarded for the completion of an undergraduate course or program in information technology. This degree is primarily focused on subjects such as software, databases, and networking. In general computer science degrees end to focus on the mathematical and the critical foundations of computing rather than emphasizing specific technologies. AIMS College has also introduced 10 months Bachelor's Program for Business Administration targeting the Working Executives having Higher Qualifications such as diploma, Advanced Diploma or an Equivalent Qualifications in the relevant field.

• They can enroll for the 10 months of the degree program & obtain a BSc-IT from IAU – USA
• This is now becoming popular among the working Executives. It widens their horizon and equips them with wider knowledge and skills to face any challenge to bring about workable situation.
• Another unique feature in this Degree program is the fact that entry is flexible.
• The students can join in any month and continue the program (Top–up Program)

General Modules

BScIT level (Advanced Certificate) Awarding body UCSC - Convers 3 Knowledge areas

• English for ICT
• Mathematic for ICT
• Organizational Environment and Practice

ICIT level 3(Equal to BIT Year 01) - Awarding body UCSC 1st Year

• Academic Communicative English 1
• Academic Communicative English 2
• Mathematics 1
• Mathematics 2
• Introduction to Information Technology
• Introduction to Sociology
• Introduction to Psychology
• Computer Applications
• Introduction to Programming
• Computer Hardware Maintenance
• Multimedia
• Web Development
• E-Commerce

ICIT level 4 - Awarding body UCSC 2nd Year

• System Analysis and Design
• Programming Concepts
• Database Design Concepts
• Networking Concepts
• Personnel Skills Development
• Quality IT Systems
• Data Analysis and Design
• Management in IT Environment
• End-User Support
• Project Management in IT
• Computer System and Operations
• Software Engineering Concepts
• Project /Industrial Training

ICIT level 5- Awarding body UCSC 3rd (Final) Year- Top-Up Degree

• System Project
• ICT Project Management & Implementation
• Object Oriented Analysis & Design
• Programming Concept & Java Programming 1
• Java Programming 2
• Cloud Computing & Big Data Analysis
• Network Management & Security
• Database Management
• Web Development
• Mobile Technology Development
• Information Systems
• Project – (Mobile App Development)


• CIM, CIMA, ACCA, ABE, SLIM (Part Qualified
• Diploma in Business, Marketing, Accounts.
• HND in Related Subjects
• Work Experience with O/L, A/L

Admission profile (AP) items all applicants must have the following.

• Application for Admissions
• Photo Headshot
• Academic Credentials (Official Transcripts and/or Foreign Credential Evaluations)
• Personal Statement
• Resume