Certificate in Work Study /
Diploma in Work Study

Diploma in Work Study

• Method study (method analyzing systems, process of methods improvement techniques & industrial practical)
• Work measurement system and techniques (MTM3,GSD)
• Ergonomics, tool design ,work place improvement
• Layout design, process, product & assembly line
• Capacity planning , resource planning, calculations
• Products costing based on SMVS
• Productivity and key performance indicator
• Industrial statistics
• Problem solving techniques & process improvement
• Project work (industry requirement)

Certificate in Work Study

• Work study and importance
• Method study (method study steps, recording and analyzing, develop improved methods)
• Mathematics and statistics used in work study
• Work measurement systems (time study, rating, allowance and smvs calculations, MTM3, G.S.D)
• Activity sampling method for work measurements
• Work place arrangements and improvements
• Layout types, process, product, and Tack time layout planning
• Resource planning, capacity planning and calculation
• Factory efficiency, line efficiency, operator performance
• Product analysis and costing
• Productivity measurements