Kids Invent (KI)

Program Description

The Kids Invent! Approach to learning, is a more engaging and natural way for kids to learn math's science, invention, and the process of transforming abstract ideas into tangible things. Through the inventing experience inherent in Kids Invent! Learning Activities, kids are faced with practical problems which they learn to solve through observations, thinking, and experimentation. As a part of that process, they also learn how to use tools and materials, how to manage time and work with others.

Kids work in small teams to solve, design, and face challenges each week. As their innovation skills grow they take on more challenging projects. We offer two programs, after school and summer camps geared towards getting kids excited about science. There is variety for kids of all ages!

Kids Invent! Encourages kids to continue applying their creative talents long after the conclusion of the Creative Learning Activity. Kids take pleasure seeing their own ideas, designs and work, so are motivated to keep working on their inventions long after class is over.

Kids Invent! After school Science Activities help teach your kids about science, creativity, and innovation. Our 120 minutes of fun and hands-on creativity culminate at the end of the year with an inventor's fair in which kids are able to show off what they have created through the year!

Kids Invent Based on Science and Technology

These activities launch kids into learning standards based on science and technology. Kids learn as great inventors do they start with their own ideas and use their creativity to build a prototype test it, and improve it along the way they learn the science concepts and the methods of science. Best of all they learn to love science.

After School Programs


Level 1

• Preliminary: Duration 1 Year
• Foundation: Duration 1Year

Target group:

Kinder garten to Grade 3

Glimps Kids Creative Prototypes:

• Gravity Cars
• Rockets
• Bridges
• Helicopters
• Kaleidoscope
• Motor Boat
• Boomerangs
• Cable Cars
• Hovercraft
• Kaleidoscope


Level 2

• Achiever: Duration 1 Year
• Advance: Duration 1Year
• Target group: Grade 4 to Grade 10

Glimps Kids Creative Prototypes:

• Aerobic and Plane
• Belt Drive Cars
• Mini-catapult
• Mousetrap Cars
• Balancing Bob
• Marble Maze
• Pirate Ships of the Caribbean
• Cable Cars
• Balloon-Powered Boats and etc.

Summer Camp

They learn how to Invent and the basics of Entrepreneurship at these week-long camps, filled with great kids summer camp activities. Each camp is packed with 35 hours of active learning with kids working in small teams to create toys, robots, video, or kinetic gizmos. The curriculum provides an hour-by-hour guide to leading a camp.

• Kids Invent! Robots
• The Wright Stuff- Flying Toys
• Kids Create Digital Videos
• Holiday Toy Makers
• Locomotion
• Kids Invent!
• Mechanical Toys
• Titanic Triumphs